Importance of Math and how it is used in everyday life

Importance of Math and how it is used in everyday life

Children often wonder why certain subjects such as math are compulsory. This is especially if they are struggling with it. Some wonder why they need math yet they intend to pursue careers in medicine, law or art. It is important for students to be introduced to the importance of math from the moment they are able to appreciate the importance of education. Assuming they will not need math for the careers they are leaning towards will affect their ability to perform well in it. After all, according to them, it is only a subject they are being forced to do. Some students work hard to pass it because it affects their overall grade.

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When asked why they study math, many would say it is in the syllabus. Akshay, the founder of lifehacks, talks in detail on the importance of Math.

The influence Math has on different aspects of life

“It seems natural that the majority of the population knows almost nothing about mathematics and that their relation to math is limited to the four rules. This distance contrasts with the importance of mathematics today in society. Mathematics is at the center of our culture and its history is often confused with that of philosophy.” Read more here

Numbers are found in almost everything. When purchasing goods and services, one will encounter figures in the cost of items. Managing personal finances is vital and students need to relate this with math. Banking is not all about money coming in or going out. They should be able to assess the different products offered and judge what account makes sense. This level of analytical thinking comes from lessons learnt in math. Products are being offered at discounted prices every other day. Consumers should be able to analyze the offers and determine if they are really worth it.

In this article, Robin discusses the importance of math in our daily life.

We live in a world where technology changes and math is an important component of this change

“No, we’re not talking about fractions or completing worksheets but maths in the form of logic and problem solving crop up constantly outside the classroom. Mathematics is more a part of our everyday lives than many would think, and allows us to better understand the world around us. The use of numbers and figures can be found everywhere, from cooking to medicine, to the media with their percentages and graphs” Read more here

Technology has in the recent years been vital to everyone. Those who have failed to understand different types of technologies have not lived without it. Instead, they pay those who understand it to work for them. Ignorance is no longer an excuse. It is much easier to embrace and understand the evolving technology if you are good in math. math covers different aspects such as distance and velocity. Technology uses some of the same elements. Once you understand the value of math in technology, you will be able to understand and utilize new technology without difficulty.

This article in discusses further the importance of math and how it is used in daily life.

Math helps to bring clarity in thoughts and decision making

“Mathematics is a methodical application of matter. It is so said because the subject makes a man methodical or systematic. Mathematics makes our life orderly and prevents chaos. Certain qualities that are nurtured by mathematics are power of reasoning, creativity, abstract or spatial thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving ability and even effective communication skills.” Read more here

Math is systematic. One wrong move means the outcome will be wrong. By training students of math to appreciate the process, they will value every step it takes to solve the math problem. The same will be applied in their daily lives. Their encounters in life will not be about the end, but the means to achieve the desired end. Math helps students to build their thought process. They will be better prepared to consider their every move. This will save them from making avoidable mistakes in life.

Decision making, especially when it comes to finances can be a little overwhelming. To be able to make calculated risks, one needs to understand what is at risk. Students need to be taught math is a practical manner. They need to understand it is more than a subject. It is going to be part of their life. They should not be allowed to develop a phobia for math as this will be the feeling they experience even later in life when faced with a difficult situation. They will treat situations in the same way they dealt with math. Helping students to appreciate math will enable them to see the different possibilities available in life. Once they are able to solve a problem they considered difficult, this success will help them focus on the possibilities in life and not the roadblocks.


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