What Singapore Students are Expected to Gain from H2 Mathematics

Math is a subject that many students wonder whether they should take up in junior college or not. The primary reason for this indecision is that students focus more on their final performance, especially if they worry that their math scores will negatively affect their overall scores. However, it is vital for students to be given an opportunity to understand what they are expected to gain from the math curriculum. You can try some Singapore Math Tuition for JC.


Gain skills and concepts that will prepare them for tertiary studies


Junior math is a stepping stone for students who intend to take science based disciplines when they get to the tertiary level of their education. The concepts and skills they learn during this level will make it easier for them to understand some of the content in mathematics, engineering and science disciplines when they get to college. Singapore students perform exceptionally well in science-based subjects when compared to other students internationally. This is because of the structure of the curriculum which is progressive. Concepts learned in junior high are expounded on in college. It is therefore crucial for students to understand junior college math if they are to find it easier to articulate college math.


Develop communication, reasoning, modeling and thinking skills


Junior college math invokes a more profound thought process than the curriculum in the earlier years of education. Students are expected not just to come to the right conclusion, but to think about the route they take to come to an answer they believe in. They are supposed to communicate clearly why they feel the given problem should be solved in a particular way and to defend their findings. The problem-solving approach in junior college math is critical in the cognitive development of students as they approach adulthood and higher education where in-depth analysis will be required in their chosen career paths.


Experience the nature and beauty of mathematics

Math is not just about solving problems, it is an experience. For students to perform well, they need to understand the nature of math. They also need to understand why math is structured the way it is and the value it has on other disciplines and in life. It is during this period that students face many challenges in mathematics, with many questioning why they need it if they are intend to study law or medicine. Math teachers have a responsibility to explain to students the beauty of math and its value, instead of just focusing on concepts. Students perform better when they assimilate what they are studying, understand why they are studying math, and the benefits of math in their lives. 


Connect and apply the ideas within mathematics with other disciplines


Although mathematics is taught as a separate subject, the concepts and ideas can be incorporated into other science subjects. For example, a student who intends to study engineering needs to find ways to integrate the ideas in math to engineering. There is a reason why math is a core subject for those interested in careers that focus on science subjects. A student will be more comfortable and stands a higher chance of performing well if he can apply what he learns in class to other areas of his life.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) have been promoted extensively in the education sector in Singapore and other countries. Today, technology is changing the world at a high-speed and is responsible for the economic growth experienced in some countries, including Singapore. H2 mathematics curriculum has been designed to steer students towards their career path through the introduction of concepts that illustrate the influence math has in other disciplines.


















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