Benefits of a Using a Childcare Centre Over Hiring a Babysitter

Should you hire a babysitter or do you use a childcare centre after your maternity or paternity leave? The minimum paid maternity leave in Singapore is 12 weeks, with some new parents entitled to at least sixteen weeks paid maternity leave. This means parents need to decide if they are getting a baby sitter or taking the child for infant care at the childcare centre before the baby is three months old.

For most parents, the care they choose boils down to price. However, even though it costs more to take a child to a childcare centre, many parents prefer it to hiring a babysitter. This is mainly because of the benefits of child care centers in Singapore.

Early Interaction with Other Children

Although having two children is the norm for most Singaporean families, some families choose to have only one child. Even those with two children, the gap between their age can sometimes leave a child lonely. All children depend on interaction to learn socialization skills. Children can learn to socialize at any age. However, early interactions help children to adapt to acceptable human behaviour while interacting with others.

Vast Opportunities to Learn

Childcare centres do more than care for infants and little children. The caregivers are often trained at caring for and educating young ones. This means, they will do more than just care for your child. Most childcare centres structure their activities to be educative. The choice of toys also tends to be intentional, so whatever age, a child doesn’t simply enjoy the toy. Every toy a child comes into contact with is educational. Childcare centres are not just concerned about physical development, but intellectual learning as well.

Trained Personnel

Unfortunately, many people seeking the job of babysitting assume all they need to do is ensure the child is fed, cleaned and kept safe until the parents return. It is often considered a simple job that requires lots of patience. However, there is more to taking care of a child, irrespective of age. Caregivers employed by childcare centres go through intense training to ensure they are ready to care for the children, whatever their mood or condition. These caretakers also receive training on how to give first aid in case of an accident. These are some of the expertise families that use babysitters miss.


Structured Schedule

Babies and young children need a routine. A structured schedule helps you to know when your child is ready for food, a bath, or sleep. A structured program is excellent for the child and the people that take care of him or her. A childcare centre will help put your child into a routine if he doesn’t have one yet. Some babysitters don’t appreciate the importance of timing activities. So, they let a child decide what he wants to do at any given time. In the long run, you may not be able to control when a child sleeps, even when you are too exhausted after a long day at work.

Cost is an important consideration when looking at alternatives for child care. However, it is best to look at the other benefits before you decide if the price is worth it. The stability that comes with childcare centres is unrivalled by all the other child care systems in Singapore.

Even when one caregiver is away, there will always be other members of the team who hold the fort until he or she returns. You cannot say the same for a babysitter. It is, therefore, crucial to look at the pros and cons of each option before deciding.

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