Best places to learn Chinese in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful country with rich cultures and traditions. English and Mandarin are only two of the main languages spoken there. So, if you are fluent in English and want to learn a second language, you should opt for a popular language like Mandarin. As you probably know, it is a complicated language. To learn it successfully, you are going to need all the help you can get.

Presently, there are many different Mandarin classes in Singapore available for all ages. Choosing among them will be a challenge due to the variety. To make an informed decision, you may have to do some research, take a test or two to know your grasp of the language and ask friends, relatives, or workmates who may have attended any of them.


The following article by Quora sheds light on some of the best places to learn Mandarin in Singapore.

What is the best place to learn Mandarin Chinese in Singapore?

You will find dozens of private language schools all over the island, but for quality assurance I would first try government-endorsed organizations. Your first stop would be the Community Club nearest to your home. Read more here.

You likely now know some of the best places to learn Chinese in Singapore. Before making a final decision, it is wise you visit the learning center to get a feel of the environment, their teaching style and approach. Another important thing you should give thought to is the tuition or the amount of money it will cost you to learn the language.


This article by Lionel Loi discusses how much it might cost to learn a new language in Singapore.

Guide To How Much It Costs To Learn A New Language In Singapore

The impulse to learn an additional foreign language can come from all sorts of places: whether it’s watching a recent serial drama, an opportunity to work overseas, or simply out of pure curiosity and interest. Read more here.

Taking note of what is shared in the guide above, keep in mind that not all language learning centers will be able to address your needs (even the more expensive ones).  So, before deciding, you should consider the options in front of you. Presently, there are so many different language schools to choose from.


Smiletutor unveils some 70+ Chinese leaning centers in Singapore.

Learn Chinese in Singapore: 70+ Options for Mandarin Classes

If you’re in search of where to learn Mandarin, the good news is that there’s no shortage of Chinese language classes in Singapore. Unfortunately, that could also spell bad news – Read more here.

You might be spoilt for choice on which Mandarin language school to select. To narrow down to the one that will suit your needs, you may have to ask yourself important questions like – How far am I willing to travel for classes? Do I prefer a group setting or would I prefer a personal tutor? Why do I want to learn Mandarin? Keeping these considerations in mind will help in your search for a good Mandarin class to attend.


Final note

Choosing a center to learn Mandarin in Singapore is a difficult task. The obvious reason for this is that there are so many of them. Opting for the first one you can or the one everybody is talking about may not really be a smart move, as they may not be able to cater to your unique needs.

To ensure that the one you opt for is good, you should choose from the best or highly rated centers. Since these centers were able to help a lot of people become fluent in Mandarin, there is a huge possibility that they will be able to help you too.

Remember that there are more so many Mandarin language centers in Singapore, so don’t limit yourself to the few ones in your locality.


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