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In school, your child learns about different lessons from different subjects such as math, science, history, and others. These are the main things that they learn, but sometimes, other schools offer to teach another language to your children. For example in Singapore, some schools use English, some use Chinese, but others use and teach both English and Chinese. Some people don’t see the good in it, but your children could actually benefit from it.

At Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, children will learn Mandarin in an immersive environment that includes music, storytelling, art & craft and develop the confidence to use Mandarin in their daily lives. If you are keen for your child to master Mandarin you should visit their page here:



If you are a parent and you are interested in it, Australian and New Zealand Association will help you in choosing the right bilingual programme for your child.

Choosing the right bilingual programme for your child

Chinese-English bilingual programmes offer children many benefits, yet deciding which one is best for your child can be challenging. Huali Xiong, Head of Chinese at Canadian International School (CIS) and author of the best selling Big Apple Chinese Programme, shares why CIS has been a popular choice for so many families.

Substantial experience

CIS’ Chinese-English bilingual programme was one of the first to be offered in Singapore by an international school. Our extensive experience makes us one of the most trusted international schools in the region to educate students in becoming fluent communicators in both languages.

Outstanding student progress

After just one year in the programme, kindergarten students with no prior knowledge of Chinese can accurately understand and follow their teacher’s instructions. Many are also capable of communicating clearly with their Chinese teacher. By the end of Grade 1, after two years in the programme, all our students can communicate confidently and read simple books in Chinese without the help of pinyin (romanization of Chinese characters). Read more here.

Discussed above is one of the most chosen bilingual skills which is the Canadian International School. According to what was mentioned above, they give you a substantial experience, they have an outstanding student progress, and their bilingual program is available from kindergarten to grade 6. These are just some of the reasons why parents choose CIS for their children.

Now, let us read about a report about Mind Champs launching a breakthrough approach to learning Chinese.

MindChamps Launches a Breakthrough Approach to Learning Chinese

Collaborating with SPH’s Thumbs Up Little Junior to Help Singapore Pre-Schoolers Keep Pace with a Changing World:

MindChamps PreSchool today announced the launch of its first MindChamps Chinese PreSchool at Tampines Central and marks the start of a strategic education collaboration with Singapore Press Holdings’ Chinese Media Group.

Chinese is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. With English as the main language used in education, is the next generation of Singaporeans losing its edge in Chinese language proficiency? Some fear that this is the case, especially given that language acquisition research (from both neuroscience and developmental psychology) shows that language proficiency develops from key foundations laid down in early childhood. Read more here.

It is good to know that many Singaporean parents still recognize the need for their children to earn Chines. So MindChamps launches its first Chinese preschool at Tampines Central. This means more opportunities for children to learn Chinese. In addition, Mind Champs will tell us about three ways a Chinese Kindergarten inculcates the love of Mandarin in your child.

3 Ways a Chinese Kindergarten Inculcates the Love of Mandarin in Your Child

Educating kindergarten kids about Chinese works best when there is the desire to learn. But how do you ensure that your child actually enjoys learning Chinese?

The Chinese language is largely infiltrating large segments of society today.

Unfortunately for many young children, Mandarin may be a tough language to grasp — but it doesn’t have to be.

Learning Chinese is no longer just about memorising texts. It can be a gateway to imagination and unforgettable learning, leading your child to greater opportunities for future success. Read more here.

One of the ways mentioned above is enlivening students’ learning experience through Chinese music, speech and drama. It is one of the most effective ways because the traditional methods of lecture and discussion would make children bored. Music, speech, and drama will surely be enjoyed by students because it is interactive and fun. As parents we should take out the opportunity from our children to learn not just English, but Chinese as well.

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