Reasons Why More Kids Are Learning Mandarin These Days

Technology, trade and travel have made the world a familiar, smaller and intricately interesting place. When it comes to interests, China keeps emerging as a source of inspiration and curiosity for many around the world.

It is all about learning and enriching one’s life. Is it not the dawn of a knowledge economy? Knowledge is fostered by languages and Mandarin opens many doors of knowledge. There are many reasons that come to mind when we see more and more kids learning Mandarin today.


Today many parents are keen on having children learn at least two languages. It is easier to learn things as a child because children are not forced into limitations by habit. Parents want children to be sharp, adaptive and empathetic towards other human beings. Learning a new language allows them to develop these traits. It is also a perception today that children learn Mandarin better than adults, all thanks to Mandarin and Chinese enrichment classes.

One such example is Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, which offers Mandarin classes for both children and adults. Their lessons have been well-received by children and adult learners alike and you can find out more here:


When it comes to the cultural richness that attracts a toddler’s mind, the Chinese culture is very colourful and alluring. The stories, folklore and legends add a lot of joy to learning and children seem to perform better with confidence in all walks of life once they learn Mandarin with all its freshness.


Again, with the ever-growing scale of interactions through technology and in person, learning Mandarin has become a necessary skill, similar to learning any other globally studied languages like English, Spanish or French. Unlike other languages, the significance of Mandarin is growing manifold. It is beyond doubt the most sought-after language in the job market, hence a sought-after language during college admissions. People with foresight tend to rate Mandarin as an essential long-term skill.


It is a scientific fact that learning languages and thereby appropriating all this new segment of knowledge allows a child to harness his/her untapped potential. Moreover, Mandarin as a language is structured very differently from Non-Oriental languages, adding multiple dimensions to the learning process of a child.

The writing is already on the wall in media, schools, industry and society. Eventually, one has to agree that Mandarin has caught the attention, imagination and outlook of many people around the world who think it is best to get their children to learn Mandarin.

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